Frozen login problem

A few days ago,  I ran apt-get upgrade to try to reconcile conflicts among OS python, anaconda python and pycharm. Can’t remember the details much anymore. Later there was a warning about low memory in pycharm too. After a day’s work, I turned off my laptop and the next morning when I turned it back on, problems occurred at login.

First it was the start up message about my clean drive. The following is the (supposedly) correct course of actions (I should have taken from the beginning):

  • Reboot laptop
  • Select Ubuntu (recovery) option for start-up
  • Turn on “networking” option
  • Select root
    • if select normal boot, wait till the page of a flashing _ appears; press Ctrl+Fn+Alt+F1; enter username and password
  • Now run (already as root, else use sudo …):
    • apt-get update
  • If wifi is not on and the above update failed, try below :
    • nmcli d wifi list
    • see list of wifi names
    • nmcli c up [our wifi name]
  • Try sudo apt-get update again after wifi fix
  • Run the following steps (or steps):
    • apt-get purge nvidia*
    • add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers
    • apt-get update
    • apt-get install nvidia-384  # might be a different release number now
    • reboot
  • Now try to log in ubuntu normally
    • if the start-up message is passed, but the login screen is still frozen, continue with following
  • Go into tty1 page as root again by pressing Ctrl+Fn+Alt+F1 at recovery boot–> normal boot. Do the following steps:
    • apt-get xserver-xorg-input-all
    • apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
    • reboot
  • If the /etc/init.d/lightdm restart is run, and there’s error when check its status, it usually means ubuntu-desktop is not installed properly

Hopefully the steps above are never going to be repeated again!


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